Queer STEM History is a podcast about the lives and science of queer scientists throughout history. 

Learn more about some of our featured queer scientists ...

Lynn Conway

Episode 1

Computer Scientist, Electrical Engineer and pioneering transgender activist.

Ben Barres

Episode 4

Neurobiologist and the first openly transgender scientist in the National Academy of Sciences.

James B. Pollack

Episode 2

Astrophysicist who worked for the NASA Ames Research Centre.

Martha May Eliot & Ethel Collins Dunham

Episode 5

Pioneering research and careers in public health and pediatrics.

George Washington Carver

Episode 3

Agricultural Scientist born a slave who famously developed over 300 uses for the peanut

Sally Ride

Episode 6

The first American woman and youngest American ever to go into space, and advocate for Women in STEM.

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